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The series centers around this young girl. While looking around in her dad's library she discovers the Clow book. She opens the book which causes the Clow Cards to scatter. Kero, the guardian of the book, assists her in collecting the Clow Cards. Along the way she is helped by her friends.

She is Sakura's best friend in the series. She video tapes Sakura capturing the cards and also makes Sakura's costumes as well.

He is also attempting to collect the Clow Cards, at first he appears to be a rival of sorts to Sakura but this later changes. Li is a distant relative to Clow Reed, the creator of the Clow Cards.

It is revealed that she and Li are bethrothed, due to this Meilin sees Sakura as a threat to her relationship with Li. She is not a bad fighter, however, she is not as skilled as Li.